A Composite “Way Too Early Top 25”

A Composite “Way Too Early Top 25”

by: Zachery Bonzheim


The 2016-17 season is over and it’s already time to focus on the next season. Within the last week, nine notable college basketball news sources released their “Way Too Early Top 25’s”. These polls are very likely to change with recruits making final choices, players transferring, and players leaving for the NBA, but this is what the experts predict the rankings will look like.

Below is a side-by-side comparison for all nine of the preseason polls that were released. Further below is a composite ranking. This composite ranking takes the average rankings for every team listed and sorts them based on best average and number of times ranked. 15 teams were unanimously ranked and 10 teams had average rankings below 10.


FOX Bleacher


1 Arizona Kentucky Kansas Kentucky Louisville
2 Louisville Villanova Arizona UNC Duke
3 Duke Gonzaga UNC Louisville UNC
4 MSU Duke Louisville Villanova Kansas
5 Kansas Louisville Wichita St Florida Miami
6 Kentucky Wichita St MSU Wichita St Florida
7 Gonzaga UNC Duke Duke Villanova
8 UNC Kansas Kentucky West Virginia West Virginia
9 UCLA WVU Baylor Kansas Gonzaga
10 Wichita St Arizona Florida Gonzaga Wichita
11 Villanova Purdue Villanova Arizona MSU
12 USC MSU USC MSU Kentucky
13 Florida Cincinnati Gonzaga Oregon Arizona
14 Minnesota Minnesota Notre Dame Virginia USC
15 St. Mary’s Miami Minnesota St. Mary’s Minnesota
16 Seton Hall UCLA Miami Xavier UCLA
17 Alabama Baylor Northwestern Minnesota Cincinnati
18 Cincinnati St. Mary’s Cincinnati Notre Dame Baylor
19 Northwestern Oregon Butler Butler Seton Hall
20 Texas A&M Texas A&M Alabama SMU Northwestern
21 Vanderbilt Florida UCLA Miami Alabama
22 BYU Nevada West Virginia Michigan Notre Dame
23 Oklahoma Virginia St Marys UCLA Virginia Tech
24 Miami Indiana Purdue Cincinnati St. Mary’s
25 Maryland Wake Forest Xavier Baylor Nevada


Sporting News Sports Illustrated Yahoo USA Today
1 Arizona Arizona Kentucky Arizona
2 Duke Kentucky Arizona Duke
3 Kentucky Louisville Kansas Kentucky
4 Kansas Duke Gonzaga Florida
5 MSU Villanova Wichita St Kansas
6 Louisville Gonzaga Villanova Xavier
7 UNC UNC Louisville UCLA
8 Florida MSU Duke Wichita St
9 Wichita St Wichita St West Virginia UNC
10 Villanova Minnesota UNC Louisville
11 UCLA Kansas MSU USC
12 Gonzaga Notre Dame Florida Oregon
13 Minnesota USC Cincinnati West Virginia
14 Cincinnati Cincinnati USC Notre Dame
15 Notre Dame West Virginia St. Mary’s Indiana
16 Butler South Carolina Butler MSU
17 West Virginia Butler TCU Minnesota
18 St. Mary’s Virginia Notre Dame Alabama
19 Xavier UCLA UCLA Gonzaga
20 Miami St. Mary’s Minnesota Villanova
21 Alabama Florida Northwestern St. Mary’s
22 Creighton Northwestern Texas A&M TCU
23 Virginia Tech Michigan Alabama Miami
24 Oregon TCU Miami Cincinnati
25 Northwestern Xavier Virginia Northwestern



The Ranking Order is the teams listed rank in the chart above. The rankings are the same order as above. If a team missed out on a ranking they received a “x”.

The Composite Rank is an average of all of their rankings.

The Ranking Ratio is the number of times the team was ranked out of nine (the max amount of times).

Composite-Rankings Conf Final


Composite-Conf-Rankings Final

Zachery Bonzheim