A New Number One? The CHD Super 25 settles it

We’ve only started conference play, it’s only January, but last weekend felt like Conference Championship week if not March Madness.

Both undefeated teams fell.  Duke lost to NC State and Michigan fell bitterly to  Ohio State.  That leaves a void at the top.

Duke probably is still the most deserving to be ranked number one.  Strength of schedule and only one loss really leaves them as the best team in college basketball on several levels.  They lost to an up-and-coming NC State team that seems to have finally figured out a way to live up to their potential.  They also lost without the services of Ryan Kelly and Seth Curry down the stretch.  We could belabor the point, but we know that the number one team can’t survive a loss.

Louisville is the logical choice.  They have only lost to Duke, so it only makes sense that they move up the the top spot.  Louisville is into Big East play, which will give us a real look at how good this Louisville team really is.


1.  Louisville (15-1)

2. Kansas (14-1)

3. Duke (15-1)

4. Michigan (16-1)

5. Arizona (15-1)

6. Indiana (15-1)

7. Syracuse (16-1)

8. Minnesota (15-2)

9. Ohio State (13-3)

10. Gonzaga (16-1)

11. Florida (12-2)

12. San Diego ST (14-2)

13. Butler (14-2)

14. MO (12-3)

15. Creighton (16-1)

16. Wyoming (14-1)

17. North Carolina State (14-2)

18. Kansas State (13-2)

19. New Mexico (15-2)

20. Notre Dame (14-2

21. Cincinnati (14-3)

22. Virginia Commonwealth (14-3)

23. Oregon (13-2)

24. Wichita State (15-2)

25. Utah State (14-1)