An Open Letter to David Stern

Dear David,

I have to be honest.  I like you as a commissioner.  I think you might be a little smug and arrogant on a personal level, but your public personality and commissioner skills are unquestionably some of the best on the planet.  You seem human and I can appreciate that.

That being said, I want to give you some help.

Can I speak frankly? You’re being a jerk… still.

While I realize that fans don’t actually vote you into power like the POTUS, we’ve all been pretty patient through this ‘power struggle’ between millionaires and billionaires while we work out 40 hours a week and the pay bills.

I know there is a lot of money at stake and you had to look out for the owners and all of that mumbo jumbo.  The players were equally hard-headed and aren’t blameless in the situation.  Either way, like strikes in the past, it’s over so lets put it behind us.

Many of us also are planning on paying stupidly high prices starting on Christmas day to watch a bunch of guys we have idolized play a kids game.  They play it better than anyone, we love it, wish we could do what they do and it’s our drug.  I know how that makes us sound, but we’re cool with who we are.  We’ve embraced it.

Like I said, we are trying hard to put this behind us.  We are trying to forgive because if you’re honest with yourself, the fans were the real losers while you squabbled over a few greenbacks.

The news was flowing out of the media outlets, free agent talk abounded and then suddenly blockbuster trades were in the works.  (Remember, a majority of us hated LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh teaming up in South Beach.  No one stopped it and they didn’t win an NBA title, so it’s fine.)

So we got the news that Chris Paul and Dwight Howard could be Laker bound.  Once again, many of us were’t happy about that, but that’s how the game goes.  It actually would be exciting to see the big three from the Heat against the big three from the Lakers.

Then news comes down the pipe that the NBA, who owns the Hornets by default, has vetoed the trade of Paul to the Lakers.

You vetoed the trade David.

Some small market teams are happy, some Laker haters are happy.  Most of us are not.


You say, “We left a superstar in New Orleans!”

We say, “Now Chris Paul can continue to play on a terrible team and be a one man show.  Great.”

Did you realize there are already a couple of stacked teams in the league?

When Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen found their way to Paul Pierce’s side in Beantown, you let that one slide.  The argument could be made that if a trade was to be nixed it should have been that one.

Maybe you are trying to make up for allowing Memphis to give the Lakers Pau Gasol to the Lakers for a loaf of bread, a $25 thrift store gift card and a ShamWow.

Why not hit LeBron, Wade and Bosh with some sort of collusion accusation and put those signings on hold?

The point is this David.  Paul to the Lakers adds balance to the NBA.  It gives the Lakers some showtime back and gives the Heat a western rival.  Did you forget about the Days of Bird vs. Magic?  Those teams were stacked and Paul to the Lakers wouldn’t even put them in the same hemisphere as the 80’s Lakers.

Superstars have been traded to loaded teams throughout the history of the league.  It’s the nature of the beast.  I could run down some trades, but you know the ones I’m talking about and how they helped shape the league.

Remember, this isn’t a league built on teams of role players in small market cities.  This is a league built on superstars in big market cities.

I have to ask, what is your ulterior motive?  Is it the sale of the Hornets?  Is it to prove that this new collective bargaining agreement really is better for small market teams?  Is it to keep the perception alive that there stars are distributed equally and there is parity?

Even with the posed questions, I can’t come up with an answer that makes sense.

Are the Hornets really that much more competitive with Paul?  Did you see what they would have gotten in the trade?  Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom, Goran Dragic and a 2012 first-round pick.  Trading Paul for four potential starters (five if you count whoever they draft in a VERY deep 2012 draft), is a pretty fair deal.  I would even argue it makes the Hornets better and more attractive for buyers.  It definitely makes them deeper and more competitive.

Do you really keep the Lakers down by stopping the trade?  You know they have been to the NBA Finals three of the last four years right?  They are already awfully good, I think trading two superstars for one actually might not make them that much better.

The bottom line I want to convey is this David.  Help the league, help the Hornets, help the owners image along with your own.  Stop being a jerk and citing reasons publicly that we know aren’t the real reasons privately.

This trade, and some would argue the beginning of the season, was nixed because of your agenda, whatever that is.

What that is, is wrong.


Major Kelchner and everyone else.