Andrew Wiggins cancels official visits

Bizarre.  Andrew Wiggins, widely considered the best player in the nation, canceled visits to Kansas, North Carolina and Florida State.  He is supposed to chat with those coaches over the phone.

He is apparently exhausted from his trip to Portland to play in the Nike Hoop Summit.  He had multiple delays in his flight home to Huntington, West Virginia which isn’t one of the major airports in the USA.

There is rampant speculation that this means he is going to Kentucky and while we can speculate on why this is a great or a terrible decision to join the other dozen or so five star recruits at UK we can completely understand that he is worn out.

Some are saying he is just dragging things out trying to get as much attention as possible.

Somewhere in the Wiggins recruiting drama I read speculation that there might be a darkhorse winner of the sweepstakes or it might even be Wichita State where his brother plays.

While we all hope this comes to an end soon, we need to give this kid all the time he needs to make the biggest decision of his life.