Bill Walton On Digger Phelps “That guy’s the Devil”

During Arizona’s win last night over UCLA, Bill Walton went a little crazy as they talked about the 40th anniversary of Notre Dame beating UCLA to stop the streak. Walton has always been blunt and kind of crazy this is just another feather in the cap.

“I’d take that ring of honor and put it around Digger’s neck. That guy’s the devil”
-Bill Walton

Of course Walton was the dominating centerpiece during that UCLA run when the big loss to Digger’s Fighting Irish on January 19, 1974. The winning street ended at 88 games and Walton has been digging Digger ever since.  Knowing that, it’s not surprise that Walton said what he said, some would just question whether it belonged on a national broadcast.  I think most serious basketball fans took a double take when he said it and moved on but the casual fan probably didn’t really get it and thought Walton had just become mean and senile in his old age.

The difference is the serious fan already knew he was old and senile, we just got the joke.

(Video vine from the game after the jump)



    • Not sure, I just picked it up at the end of the game. When they started reminiscing it seemed like Walton suddenly became crazy old and senile. It was like he got all foggy and was watching his youth in his head.

      He seemed to get kind of irritated that they had to go back to talking about the game. I think it was around Nic Johnson’s big dunk.