eBaying: Muhammad Ali For Sale With Real Hair!

Well, I love a good memorabilia hunt, but I have to say this is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.  (see picture right).

Apparently, this is “Muhammad Ali’s torso, arms, hands, face and fist in a durable hard as ivory thermocast.”


Weird.  That’s what.  (See pic at right).

Some weird dude with a beard made a cast, apparently of Muhammad Ali.  You think the guy is weird, let’s take a look at the rest of the ad.

“Only live body cast ever made of him during his prime.”

“ARRANGED and CONTRACTED WITH MUHAMMAD ALI in 1986 in Las Vegas at the hacienda hotel and casino in the president sweet.”

This was actually made in 1986. Ali fought his last fight in 1981. So the question I have to ask is… was this really made during his “prime”? Or was it made five years after he retired?

“Size: LIFE SIZE WITH OVER 30 ATTACHED BODY HAIRS ON CHEST AND UNDER HIS ARMS -we have been asked about alis chest hairs .when you apply this molding material some of the hairs become attached to the rubber mold then when you cast the fist hard model the hairs attach and become permanently embedded. AMAZING DNA”

“This original casting has actual chest and under arm HAIRS embedded in the life cast.”

The best part of the whole thing might not be the cast, but the fact that DNA is actually included. This way, once human cloning becomes a reality, you can sell his hairs to the highest bidder. You know someone will want to clone an entire army of the greatest boxer of all time.

Does anyone really find the fact that human chest and armpit hair are included as a selling point? That seems just strange and a tad gross.

“SHIPPING IS INSURED BY WINING BIDDER. International airport is nearby. Delivery can be arranged by a private or commercial plane or you or your agent can pickup.”

I would imagine if I’ve got 17.3 million dollars to blow on a Muhammad Ali life cast that is “as hard as ivory”, I hope I have a private jet that can fly me to Oregon to pick this up. Unless I blew my last 17.3 million on it, then I’d just be screwed.

There are two final weird pieces to this puzzle that are basically mind-blowing.

I tried to quote the ad word for word so the poor/ lack of spelling and punctuation would be apparent. I would think if I have something for sale for 17.3 million dollars, I could drop a few coins or even run spell check on the ad I’m posting for potential buyers to read.

The last thing to look at in this listing of the weird and bizarre is the seller’s other items. Typically on eBay, if a seller sells high end items, he sells all high end items. It bodes well for the reputation and just makes sense. You wouldn’t walk into an art gallery selling fine paintings from famous artists like Rembrandt and Picasso and look over and see a used sock bargain bin in the same place. It would make it seem that something just isn’t right.

If you click on this seller’s other items link you see a “Nolan Ryan Fast Ball in Art Bronze” for $2,500, which is pretty cool, although no arm hairs are included, which explains the bargain basement pricing on that item.

Then there are some $30 Buy It Now assortment of Buddhist Pedants and then… “3-Miniature Whiskey Bottles from Old Storage Box of 300”.

What? Seriously? Which of these things is not like the other?

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.  You are selling one item that is “priceless” at 17.3 million dollars that contains actual hair from the greatest boxer of all time and you are also selling three empty whisky bottles out of your basement?

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to detract from the coolness of this item. I really do think this is a pretty neat piece of sports history, but I think the price seems outrageous and some of the selling points are wrong or strange.

I would have to assume the seller is asking this high price because of the replicas that can be made from the cast so it is more of an investment for a business than for a collector.

The 17.3 million price tag could be understood (sort of) if it was cast while Ali was still fresh with sweat after the “Thrilla in Manila” and really in his prime. In 1986 he was five years removed from this last bout, a 10-round loss to Trevor Berbick by unanimous decision. It’s hard to imagine this is an actual depiction of “The Greatest”, although I’m sure it is close.