Freaky Friday: (15) Florida Gulf Coast beats (2) Georgetown, La Salle advances

It was a crazy Friday of ‘second round’ action (I only put it in parenthesis because the first four shouldn’t count as the first round).

Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown.  Despite Charles Barkley saying that no one would have picked them, I had them picked but then got cold feet at the last second.  You can check out our podcast to hear me mention it to Jon and have him completely deny it as a possibility.

Shameless self promotion aside, FGCU was more athletic and a much better basketball team than most expected.  They really embodied what March Madness is, they are the mid-major no one knows about that barn-stormed, in this case, the most consistent team from the entire college basketball season.

They dunked, they made shots and just flat outplayed Georgetown.  They deserved to win and really showed they might be able to advance to the sweet 16.

Check out Chase Fieler’s alley-oop dunk.


La Salle and Kansas State put on a classic March Madness matinee.  La Salle, who just won their ‘first four’ matchup against St. Mary’s earlier in the week, had Kansas State down 19 points in the first half.  After halftime, the Wildcats stormed back and even took the lead.

In an exciting finish the 13 seeded Explorers, who have been possibly the most effective and consistent offensive team in the tournament so far,  held on to advance.

SEC Champion Mississippi dumped Big 10 runner up Wisconsin.  Marshall Henderson scored 17 points in the second half to seal the win for Ole Miss (and subsequently destroy my bracket, I got sucked into the Wisconsin trap).

Western Kentucky gave us hope but missed far too many opportunities down the stretch. They had Kansas beat, but just missed too many good looks which is akin to looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Another great day in the round of 32 tips off with VCU and Michigan kick off the day at 12:15.