Friendly Fire: Jim Boeheim seals the game for Syracuse: Orange lose second straight



Mount Boeheim has erupted, spewing orange lava everywhere and leaving his team in the wake of his destruction.

With Syracuse down two and 10.4 seconds remaining, CJ Fair drove baseline and had an offensive foul call on him.  It really looked like a call that could go either way, it was that close.

It may have been the emotion of the night or the frustration of losing to lowly BC and no longer being undefeated but as soon as the charge was called Boeheim hit the roof, tearing onto the court screaming repeatedly two words that we could abbreviate with the letters BS.  

He didn’t heed the officials pause when he put his whistle in his mouth, he proceeded to get closer to the official and kept screaming and talking.

In short, Beoheim erupted and showed his temper and made the lead insurmountable for his team at the end of a hard fought game.

In short, this was an incredibly stupid move by Boeheim.  I don’t toss that phrase around lightly beacuse he is obviously respected as a coach and one of the best in the business.  A leader of men who expects his men to play under control can’t react like that, he just can’t.

There isn’t an excuse, especially at that stage in the game.  Two technical fouls ends the game for his team, what kind of message does that send to his players?  He fought for them?  He was angry for them?  He stole an outside chance to win the game from them?

We can’t say that Syracuse was going to win this game but if Duke splits on the free throws, they are down three with ten seconds to play, that’s a lot of time to run a play and get a good look.  In fact, with 10.4 to play you can get a quick two, foul and then take a three.  There are several options in that situation, the absolute last one being getting two technicals and knocking your own team out.

This was a friendly fire incident and Boeheim should be ashamed.

We will have a gif of the eruption as soon as it’s available.

(gif from mock session)