FSU Girls Get ‘Wiggy’ With It – The recruitment of andrew wiggins

FSU Girls loves basketball (apparently) and FSU girls love Andrew Wiggins.  Wiggins is the top prospect in class of 2013 and is being recruited by head coaches – and apparently the Seminole females.

We are poor judges of Wiggins’ attractiveness, but it surely can’t be his good looks.  It must be the terrible 4-4 season start that makes them realize that their men need help on the court.  Florida State has not looked good this year but adding what would likely be the most touted player ever brought in by their basketball team would help the program and the record, at least for one year.

That being said, if we’re picking a favorite to land Wiggins’ services, we’d guess it comes down to one of the power programs (Kentucky or Carolina).  Throughout history men have done crazy things when women are involved and if Wiggins’ is a man, the Seminole scenery could play a role in his decision.