The Evolution of College Hoops Daily

CollegeHoopsDaily is something that we’ve always wanted to see come to fruition.  College hoops has been (and we suspect always will be) our passion.   Our contributors are mostly guys who have been friends (through a college basketball fantasy league no less) for years.

We’ve gone back and forth on whether to run with FromWayDowntown.com and making a combined basketball blog or just sticking to college basketball.  It’s always hard because the NBA seems so appealing before college basketball officially gets underway.  The bottom line is – the passion is just not there.

Let’s face it, when you’re writing about a topic on a site that doesn’t generate income (yet), you have to write about your passion or you won’t write at all.

We have a passion for the current game, but also for the history of the game and we believe that the history of college basketball is one that is often overlooked.  We think it’s great to look back at the greatness that is college basketball because some of that greatness doesn’t translate into NBA greatness, which is what popular history seems to remember.

Don’t be alarmed if the occasional NBA post or general sports post pops up, we are College Hoops first, but other big things happen in sports that deserve everyones attention.

If you are interested in contributing to College Hoops Daily, drop us a line, using the email address at the right, we’d love to hear from you.  If you have a college hoops blog and you want added to our feed section, drop us a line as well.

Here’s to a great season of all things college hoops.

– CHD Staff.