Initial Quick Thoughts On Bracket


So the field of 68 is set and here are five quick questions that come to mind. These are not in any particular order, just simple questions.

1. How did the committee determine the seedings for the Big Ten teams? Wisconsin an 8, Minnesota a 5, Maryland a 6? All three of those seem a bit strange. I thought Maryland a 7 at best, more likely an 8 after their struggles down the stretch. Minnesota is playing good basketball now, but hasn’t been nearly consistent enough to be a 5.. Wisconsin was the best team in the conference for all but the final three weeks and they fall below both Maryland and Minnesota?

2. Why UNC, UCLA, and Kentucky in the same bracket? Three teams that for the majority of the season (albeit at different times) were considered to be 1 seeds. So why would the committee take the best 3 seed in UCLA and throw them into the fire with Kentucky, a team they played and beat earlier in the season. Sticking with this region, did the committee purposefully try to destroy Wichita State again? A team that was much better than a 10-seed gets a great Dayton as their 7 and Kentucky as the two. Seems a lot like when they gave a then top-seeded Wichita State an 8-seeded Kentucky.

3. Would Oregon have been a 2-seed over Louisville if Chris Boucher didn’t get hurt? Some people had the Ducks as a 1 seed (led by Bill Walton) if they were to win the Pac-12 championship, but instead they fall all the way to the 3 and are going to be forced to play Louisville in their backyard instead of closer to home.

4. Why is West Virginia seeded higher than Iowa State. The Cyclones beat WVU in the conference championship and have 10 wins against teams in the field of 68, including at Kansas. West Virginia has 9 wins against teams in the field.

5. How did a 7-seeded South Carolina get their first and second round games less than 100 miles away from their campus and another 7-seeded Dayton get theirs 117 miles away? I am all for protecting your top 5 seeds in each region, but South Carolina’s trip is the shortest of any teams this season and Dayton’s is the 4th shortest.

Scott Zolotorow