Memorabilia: Unopened 1976 Topps Basketball (Bonus: First Slam Dunk Contest Video)

We love sports memorabilia.  All of it.  The more obscure the better.

Like most kids, we grew up collecting baseball cards and basketball and football cards as they became more popular and available.

Surfing eBay for the odd, spectacular, pricey and obscure is one of our favorite past time.  Up for grabs in a Buy It Now Auction, for the low price is only $3,150. Considering those packs sold for 15 cents on the shelf in 1976, that’s a pretty good turn around on your investment.

It would be amazing to find an unopened wax box of 1976 basketball cards, but who is in this set worth paying that kind of money?

According to rookiestars.com the only big rookie card is David Thompson and it sells for $40 on average.  Not sure why, outside of the ‘cool factor’, this wax box is listed so high.

After surfing around eBay looking at individual cards for sale, there are a few highlights:

This is the David Thompson rookie card.  No, he isn’t 14 years old, he really is 22 on this card.  The most memorable highlight from that season was the first ever ABA Slam Dunk contest where Thompson faced off with Julius Erving.  (BONUS:  First slam dunk contest video below).

Speaking of Dr. J, here is his card from this set (top right) along with three of his teammates.  This card is worth $100 just fore the afro alone, that is classic.  Why aren’t players bring the mega fro back?

Despite the fact we think is is probably over valued and more or less an ugly, oblong set, it’s still a pretty neat piece of memorabilia.

First Slam Dunk Contest