Mike Montgomery ‘shoves’ or ‘pushes’ Allen Crabbe

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This morning those of us on the east coast woke up to tweets and posts about Cal coach Mike Montgomery ‘shoving’ or ‘pushing’ Allen Crabbe.

The video from YouTube is after the jump.

Once you see the video, I hope your reaction is “no big deal”.  Montgomery was trying to motivate, he wasn’t trying to physically harm Crabbe or even push him to the ground.  It wasn’t an act to start a fight or one born out of agression.  It was obviously motivation.  “Montgomery double-taps Crabbe” is a better headline for this incident.

While in my eyes it’s no big deal, it is one of those things Montgomery probably shouldn’t do.  Crabbe obviously was ready to fight or get confrontational with his coach and said something out of line because we see other Cal players jump in, obviously disgusted with how he was acting (probably born out of how bad he was playing).

In the end it apparently worked, Crabbe led Cal back to win, and with that win keep their tournament hopes alive.