Missouri Valley Conference Call Notes


Greg McDermott (Creighton Coach):

 Acknowledged hey have a very tough match-up versus Cincinnati because of their contrasting styles; they want it up tempo while Cinci wants to grind it out. He thinks Wichita State matches up well with Pitt and that it is a good match-up.

Gregg Marshall (Wichita State Coach):

Thinks match-up with Pitt is a great one with teams with similar styles. Acknowledged loss of Creighton from MVC will be sad and hard to replace, but says he hopes to continue playing them yearly. Says he’s a big fan of Jamie Dixon and has told him that face to face. Says that their 2009 NCAA Tourney match-up with Pitt won’t help much in their preparation since most players have changed.

He was coach of the year in MVC this year. He said they fought through a lot of injuries/adversity to get to where they are, including the loss of three starters for the majority of the season.

Geno Ford (Bradley Coach):

 Excited to be in CIT vs Wisconsin Green-Bay in first round, first time in postseason in a long time for the school. He acknowledged the loss of Creighton to the Big East would be a big loss for the league, but thinks MVC will remain strong.

On Pitt vs. Wichita State match-up, he thinks it will be a great defensive and rebounding battle and more like a football game, as no team plays harder than those two.

Marty Simmons (Evansville Coach):

 Excited to be in the CIT. They beat Wichita State twice in the regular season thanks to two of their more consistent performances. He thinks Wichita State matches up well with any team in the country. Wichita State has size and depth, can play with different lineups and their point guard Malcolm Armstead is one of the best point guards in the country.

 Believes Creighton can match up with anyone in the country as well. He also acknowledged that the loss of Creighton to the BE will be a big blow to the MVC since CU is such a tremendous basketball school. He thinks the league should and will be very selective when choosing a replacement.