NBA Approves Advertising?

We have all heard how the NBA is in trouble financially.  The big markets, the small markets, the lack of fan support, yadda, yadda, yadda.

We’ve also all seen ticket prices and some of us have had the privilege to sit in expensive seats at NBA games.  I had the opportunity to sit court-side at a Raptors/ Nets game in the last couple years and the face value was over $1,000/ per ticket.  Thankfully they were given to me.

Where am I going with this?  The NBA has followed other major sports (mainly outside of North America) and has approved the addition of advertising patches on uniforms for the 13-14 season.

My eyes hurt already.

The fallout concerning this is coming, which is why I believe they put it off for a year.  Design reasons were given for the delay, but ultimately, it was to give the NBA time to back out and reverse their decision.

Bud Selig said earlier today that their uniforms were important, I’d contend that the same is true for the NBA.  No one wants to watch living, breathing – dunking, dribbling, shooting billboards.

I’m sure the financial reasons will become the cry, but the real reason is financial opportunity.  It is a good money move because it’s money they NBA is not making.  It’s a bad move for fans, in that all fan jerseys will carry said ads.

Then comes the questions – who decides the advertising.  Do stars like Kobe and LeBron get different patches than perennial bench warmers?  Do the teams all wear the same patch?  If it is team based, do the players sue because they don’t have the right to choose?

This is going to be a mess as far as it looks, and most likely one that will just go away.