North Dakota suspends Announcer Paul Ralston for saying ‘choke job’

We are waiting on official word from North Dakota as to what it was so offensive, but basketball announcer Paul Ralston has been suspended for using the term ‘choke job’ in a post game interview with head coach Brian Jones.  The Fighting Sioux had just lost 74-72 after missing free throws down the stretch.

North Dakota isn’t a major player in college hoops and Ralston isn’t well known.

This is just a bizarre story because no one knows why this is offensive.

A quick google search pulls up one definition at a user-fed site that defines choke job in a risqué way.  All of the other definitions come from sports terminology.

If it wasn’t offensive by definition, was it offensive because he told the coach his players pulled a ‘choke job’.  Either way, a two-game suspension seems unjustifiable.

Unless there is some history here, someone’s mind is deep in the gutter or the coach is a baby.

Whatever it is, this seems like something blown completely out of proportion.  Hopefully the university will clarify the offense shortly.