Purdue coach Matt Painter heads to Mizzou?

Conflicting reports are surfacing regarding Matt Painter accepting the head coaching job at Missouri. You know the rule: smoke ususally equals fire.

Even with the coaching carousel in full swing, this one is really a surprise. Going from a top flight Big 10 team to a good Big 12 team is a head-scratcher.

There are several factors that could contribute, the least of which probably not being losing your scoring power to graduation. That being said, this one looks like it was mostly about the money, at least on the surface.

When a coaching makes a drafting and surprising change, years down the road it usually comes out that it was more than just money.

Maybe Painter doesn’t feel like he can win a national title or recruit to Purdue (which seemed possibly under Gene Keady) but most likely it is a relationship issue.

He either feels undervalued or just doesn’t get along with the AD.

We can speculate all day long, but in the end, we know for sure Purdue has jumped on the coaching carousel with it going full speed and at least one semi-sought after coach with Purdue ties having already jumped to another prestigious program.

Purdue is a good basketball school with a good basketball tradition. It wil lbe interesting to see who the candidates are.