Season Preview: CHD sits down with Longwood SG Tristan Carey

Jon Teitel continues our season preview series by chatting with Longwood Tristan Carey about being one of the greatest scorers in Virginia high school history. 


You lost your leading rebounder and shot-blocker when Michael Kessens transferred to Alabama, how will you be able to fill the void left by his departure? We need the whole team to hit the boards to make up for his loss.

Jayson Gee was named head coach in April, what do you think of him so far, and how has he been able to connect with a group of new players? He has been great, both with us and in the community. He is a good fit for us to help lift the program in the right direction.

Your non-conference road schedule includes trips to South Carolina, TCU, Penn State, and St. John’s.  Which of these four games do you feel will present your biggest test? All of them will be big tests: we just have to be ready to play our game.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season? We want to win the Big South title.

As a senior at Colonial Beach High School you scored 884 points (which tied for third-highest in Virginia high school history behind Moses Malone and Allen Iverson).  What is your secret for being a great scorer? Just putting the time in and doing the little things necessary to improve your game.

You began your college career at La Salle before transferring to Longwood, why did you decide to transfer, and what made you pick Longwood? Coming from a small town and going to a big city was a big change for me, so I decided to take my talents elsewhere. I am big on family, and my relatives who live nearby can now come see me play at Longwood.

Last year you were team captain, what is the key to being a good leader? I have to make sure that everyone is on the right page and helping out the younger guys with whatever they need: I feel like a big brother at times.

In February you scored a career-high 40 points (8-15 3PM) and had 12 rebounds in a one point win over Liberty.  Was it just one of those scenarios where every shot you put up seemed to go in because you were “in the zone”? I felt good going into that game: I knew it was a big game because they had previously beaten us.

In the 2013 Big South conference tourney you scored 10 points in a four-point loss to VMI.  What did you learn from that loss that you think can help you this year? I learned that I have to be a better player and to be a lot more aggressive.

Your cousins Jermon Bushrod and Torrey Smith play in the NFL, and your cousins Joe Posey and Chris Johnson played college basketball.  Who is the best athlete in the family, and do you credit at least some of your success to genetics? We are all great athletes so I cannot pinpoint just one who is the best. I think it is in our genes: I tell my little brother that all the time!