Season Preview: CHD sits down with Oral Roberts SF Shawn Glover

Jon Teitel continues our season preview series by chatting with Oral Roberts SF Shawn Glover about bouncing back from an eye injury last year. 


Your non-conference road schedule includes trips to Tulsa, Kansas State, St. Louis, Wisconsin, Wichita State, and Baylor.  Which of these games do you feel will present your biggest test? All of those are very difficult games so we will definitely have to play well to have a chance in any of them. Personally I hope to play really well at Baylor because all of my family will be there to see me play. It is a tough schedule and we have to come to play every night.

You lost three of your four leading scorers from last year:  Warren Niles, Damen Bell-Holter and Steven Roundtree.  How will you be able to fill the offensive void left by the departure of these 3 starters? I will have to carry a little bigger scoring load, but we also have other guys coming in who can help us right away. Obi Emegano, DJ Jackson, and Korey Billbury will all be big factors and pretty much everyone we recruited can score a bunch of points, so it will be a team effort.

You are one of two seniors on the roster, how much pressure do you feel to be a leader this year? It is not so much pressure, but when you are a senior you feel like the clock is ticking and you have to win and do things to help your team win. There is pressure but it comes down to the team effort. Everyone on the team has to want it and has to play hard for us to have any success.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season? We have a very talented team and we are excited for the season. Obviously the goal every year is to win the conference and go to the NCAA tournament, and I think we have the guys to do it if we go out and compete in every game.

You began your college career at Utah, why did you decide to transfer, and why did you pick Oral Roberts? There was a coaching change at Utah and I felt like I needed to make a change as well, so I decided to leave Utah. ORU seemed like a good fit and they had a spot for me on the team.

Last year you missed two games due to an eye injury.  How bad was the injury, and have you taken any special precautions to protect your eyes since then? It was pretty scary at the time: I had to have surgery but thankfully there were no lingering effects. I wore some protective glasses shortly after but I do not have to do anything now. Everything is back to normal: it was just kind of a freak accident.

Last February you scored a career-high 28 points in a loss at Northwestern State.  Was it just one of those scenarios where every shot you put up seemed to go in because you were “in the zone”? I was just thinking we are down, we are down. I knew we had to quit turning the ball over and keep fighting to make something happen.

In the 2013 CIT you scored 19 points in a nine-point loss to Weber State.  What did your team learn from that game that can help you this year? We have to remain poised: we had a chance to win that game and lost it at the end. We have to stick together when it gets rough and times are hard and figure out a way to win. A lot of teams before us at ORU may not have been the most talented teams, but they found ways to pull out close games.