SOUL Electronics March Madness Instagram Bracket Challenge


Soul Electronics has one of the best tournament challenges around.

What makes it one of the best?  You can win prizes!*

They are giving away multiple pairs of their headphones and earbuds through the challenge.  The prizes range from $59 to more than $350.

Being a music lover, this is a perfect challenge.  For years I thought that it didn’t matter what headphones I had and then I tried on some high end headphones and have never looked back.  Once you sample the difference it changes how you listen to music.

From Soul’s Website:

“SOUL Electronics – the first to develop a true line of athletic headphones inspired and tested by professional athletes – has launched a March Madness Instagram Bracket Challenge. Participants can enter up to 6 times to win SOUL headphones. With each round, your chances of winning increases and the prize gets better, ranging in value from $59 to more than $350!

Simply follow these simple steps to enter:

  1. Follow @SOULElectronics on Instagram, repost the Challenge picture and tag #MarchMadness and #SOULMadness
  2. Visit www.soulelectronics.com/marchmadness  and click ENTER NOW
  3. Return to the SOUL March Madness page to make your selections for the Second Round starting on March 17, 2014 and before each round to continue playing.

The winner of each round will be the participant who chooses the most correct teams advancing to the next round. All of the winners will be announced on Friday, April 11, 2014. For complete details and rules, click Terms and Conditions on the SOUL March Madness webpage.”

*Ed Note:  While we do really believe in quality headphones and superior audio quality and think it really does make a difference and I would never endorse something that I don’t believe in, readers should know that promotional considerations have been made by Soul as a result of this article.


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  1. it’s about time a bracket challenge comes across where you can actually win more than once. i hate the ones where there is only 1 grand prize winner at the end. i recently purchased soul combat+ headphones so i like this brand and i like this challenge. can’t wait to play. Thanks for sharing!