Taylor “Baby” Mays Melts Down… on Pete Carroll

Taylor Mays has called out his former coach Pete Carroll, who is now the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.  Ok, so he didn’t really call him out , he sort of pointed his finger and whined, saying in not so many words, that Carroll had betrayed him by not selecting him with the 14th overall pick in the draft.

In fact, the tone was that Carroll owed Mays for coming back to school since it was Carroll who suggested he come back for another year.

Here are the quotes from Mays (via ESPN Los Angeles):

“He is someone I’ve trusted for a long time, been very close to.  I put my future in his hands when he told me to come back to school. I just feel like we weren’t on the same page for what I needed to do to get drafted where I wanted to be drafted.”

Really – did Pete Carroll owe him?

All of the talk about Carroll telling him to come back to school and how he put his future in his hands sure sounds like sour grapes.

Mays is a Seattle guy and I’m sure wanted to play for the Seahawks, who he no doubt grew up following.

The one thing Taylor Mays has to ask himself is this “Is this really Pete Carroll’s fault?”  Or “Is it my fault because I’m terrible in pass coverage?) (See:  Career Interceptions- 5)

There is no way you can fault Pete Carroll for the pick he made at 14.  Earl Thomas is versatile in the defensive backfield and can play either safety or situational corner.  Thomas had 10 interceptions in his two-year career with Texas, eight coming last season.  Thomas is also younger and had one less solo tackle that Mays this year.

I really believe that Taylor Mays is going to be a great professional football player.  His physical tools are outstanding, maybe the most outstanding in the draft.

I wouldn’t be surprised if is fast, hard hitting style (which is spectacular) translates into him possibly moving to linebacker in the NFL.  Several guys like him have made that switch and been supremely successful.

This was an emotional tirade by a kid who was probably just hurt that he wasn’t picked by his friend and former coach, but Mays come off sounding like a baby, there is just no way around it.

I have no doubt that Pete Carroll will try to make amend with Mays.  His comments were classy after hearing about Mays tirades to multiple media outlets.

Carroll told ESPN Los Angeles:

“We really were looking forward to picking Taylor. We thought we would get the chance to do that in the first round. But we were surprised when Earl Thomas showed up, we really coveted him as an all-around cover guy who could play safety or corner. And so when we made the pick, we felt fortunate to get Earl, but we were really hoping that we were gonna get a chance to get [Taylor], but unfortunately we didn’t.”

Classy response Pete, well played.

I’m sure Pete Carroll is no losing too much sleep.  NFL experts, pundits, bloggers and fans are salivating over the draft days the Seahawks had.  A+ is the ringing grade, as pointed out in the NFL.com video below.  Even without Taylor Mays, the Seahawks future, and that of Pete Carroll, is looking good.


Sorry for the a link, NFL.com continues to be rediculous in not allowing embedding of NFL.com videos, with full ads in tact, on other websites.  Of course, NFL.com SUCKED for a long time, they don’t adapt very quickly to change.