The Hero: Starring Matt Painter

matt painter

Matt Painter is probably a big Kenny Rogers fan.  He knew when to hold ’em and knew when to fold ’em.

Amid a flurry of reports (more like a blizzard) that he was going to bolt to Mizzou to become their head coach, sanity was restore to the Big 10 and West Lafayette when word came down that Purdue’s head honcho was staying put.

Matt Painter seems to have rolled the dice and come up sevens. No one is really sure if Painter was trying to force Purdue’s hand, really interested in Missouri or just wanted to see what was out there.

It makes sense that he decided to stay, it would have been bizarre to see him leave is alma mater. Let’s be honest, Painter has a pretty good gig going.

Too many times we see a someone come in and follow a legend, and not win or carry on the tradition of the program (Matt Doherty I’m looking at you) and Painter has done a masterful job. Purdue didn’t miss a beat in the transition from the Gene Keady years.  Turthfully, this is a case where the program might be in a better state than it was when the legend stepped down.

This coin is two-sided, there are two ways to look at it.

Most will count Painter as the hero – he wanted to see what was out there but came home to what is ‘good and right’, stayed loyal to his roots and alma mater and stayed at Purdue. Most will just be happy that he is still there.

There will be a minority that says something to the effect of “shame on him holding poor Purdue hostage like that.”

Painter was probably playing for more money. We may never know if he was actually interested in the Missouri job or if it was just a ploy. To the haters that would call him names for trying to get more money (for his assistant according to SportsbyBrooks.com) – this is the name of the game.

School’s aren’t in the business of spending money if they don’t have to and this is not different. If it turns out it was more about money for his assistants than anything else, then good for him. He wasn’t just looking out for himself, he was looking out for his entire staff as well.

No matter the thought process, the outcome favors the Boilermakers, and that has to make folks at Purdue very, very happy.