The Road to Bracketville: Predicting March Madness 2013 (Feb 19 update)

the_road_to_bracketville_64Trying to nail down seeds is crazy right now, lots of movement every week.

Without a doubt the biggest loser this week is Kentucky.  They were handed a horrific loss at Tennessee on the heels of losing Nerlens Noel.  Things are likely to get worse for Kentucky before they get better unless John Calapari can figure out how to win without the anchor in the middle.

We did inadvertantly omit Oklahoma St. and VCU last weekend.  They have found their proper place in the bracket in this week’s edition.

Teams that changed position have their previous seed in parenthesis, green is up, red is down.

1 Duke Indiana Miami Florida
2 Michigan St. (3) Syracuse Gonzaga Louisville (3)
3 Arizona (2) Michigan(2) Kansas New Mexico (4)
4 Kansas St. Marquette Oklahoma St. (nr) Georgetown
5 Ohio St. (4) Pitt Wisconsin Butler (3)
6 Minnesota Oregon Cincinnati Coloradio St. (8)
7 NC State UNLV VCU (nr) Illinois (9)
8 Oklahoma Missouri San Diego St. (6) Notre Dame (6)
9 UCLA (8) Colorado(10) Creighton(7) Memphis(9)
10 Wichita St. Kentucky (8) La Salle (11) North Carolina (11)
11 Akron St. Louis Iowa St. (9) Mississippi (10)
12 St. Mary’s Virginia Baylor Mid Tenn St. (13)
13 Temple S. F. Austin La. Tech (14) Belmont
14 Long Beach St. Bucknell Valparaiso Davidson
15 Mercer Charleston So. (nr) Southern Harvard
16 Stony Brook Montana Northeastern Robert Morris (nr)
other Niagara Boise So. Miss Norfolk St.