Thunder, Bucks: Alive and Well, Lakers: Looking Old

The NBA playoffs have been terribly entertaining.

I’m hooked, glued and velcroed to almost every game this year.  I can’t stop watching.  I’m normally a casual fan until the conference finals.  Not this year, I’m obsessed.

I tell my wife to blame Kevin Durant.

This has really been Durant’s coming out party.  Basketball junkies knew he was the man, but this spotlight in the playoffs, a storybook match up against the defending champs and the Black Mamba, has shed a new light on the 21-year old scoring champ to the rest of the world.

The Thunder came out tonight and out-hustled, out-jumped, out-Duranted and out-Westbrooked the Lakers.

The series goes back to LA tied at 2 with the Lakers looking banged up, slow and old.  Really old.  Geritol old.  They should retire old.

The Thunder looked like the defending champs tonight and if they continue to play good defense, attack the basket and have Russel Westbook guarded by Derek Fisher, the Thunder could win this series.  Really.  I’m not just being emotional right now.  They have a legitimate shot to beat the Lakers.  Next game – Tuesday, 10:30 on TNT.

In other news, the Bogut-less Deer Bucks, maimed the Hawks tonight in Milwaukee.  Stellar performance.  I guess the Hawks will now buy in to the whole “Fear the Deer” campaign.  That series is now 2-1 with one more game in Milwaukee

Kudos to the crowds in both games, crazy atmospheres in both buildings.  As I watched the Thunder steam roll the Lakers in the first quarter and saw Durant and Westbrook celebrating at the first time out the Phil Jacksonites called, it really had a Final Four type feel to it.  There is an idea brewing behind that… we’ll let it brew over night.

Oh yeah, and the Magic won to go up 3-0.  BOOOOOORRRRRINNNNG.