Tourney Talk: CHD interviews Eastern Kentucky guard Glenn Cosey

Eastern Kentucky’s Glenn Cosey scored 23 points  (including 5-8 from behind the arc) and had five assists in his team’s 79-73 win over Belmont in the OVC tourney title game on Saturday, securing the league’s automatic bid to the NCAA tourney.  CHD’s Jon Teitel sat down with the senior guard to discuss his practice regimen off the court and facing Wisconsin or VCU on the court.  


You play for Coach Jeff Neubauer: what makes him such a good coach, and what is the most important thing that you ever learned from him? He is a great offensive coach who knows how to get us a basket when we need it. I learned a lot from him so it is hard to just single out one thing.

You have led your team in scoring during each of the past two years, what is your secret for being a great scorer? I just play hard every day and work on my game during the off-season and after practice.

You also led the team this year with more than assists per game, how do you balance your scoring with your passing? I try to be aggressive on offense, and if the defense tries to get the ball out of my hands then I will find an open teammate.

In early-December you scored 17 points but missed a three point shot in the final seconds of a three point overtime loss at VCU, did you think the shot was going in, and where does that rank among the most devastating losses of your career? It was not the worst loss of my career, but I think every shot I take is going in, so I felt bad when it did not go in.

In mid-December you scored a game-high 21 points in a 25-point loss at Wisconsin: what makes the Badgers so good, and what did you learn from that loss that you think can help you in the postseason? They have a seven-footer in the middle and their guards just funnel you toward the big man, which was an eye-opener for us because most of our smaller opponents have to use help on defense. We will probably face a team next week that has a good big man, so the Wisconsin game was good preparation.

You made over 100 shots this season from behind the arc and shot over 84% from the free throw line.  What is the key to making threes, and what is the key to making free throws? Just work on your game: I do my shooting routine after practice from all different spots on the floor and I work every day in the off-season.

You captured the title with a six point win over Belmont in Nashville on Saturday: how much of a home-court advantage did the Bruins have, and what was the feeling like in your locker room afterward? It was an amazing feeling to know we will be playing in the NCAA tourney. Belmont had an advantage because their fans were right there.  Our fans are supportive but they were not all able to travel to the title game.

Corey Walden was named conference tourney MVP after leading your team in scoring during three wins in three days.  How crucial has Corey been to your team’s success this year? He has been amazing. We knew that he would win conference DPOY, but in the tourney he took it to a whole other level offensively.

Your school is in the NCAA tourney for the 1st time since 2007. What has the reaction been like since you got back to campus? It has been amazing. We did a meet and greet with the fans, and a lot of people have been texting me and saying congrats on Facebook, so it has been wonderful.

What kind of seed do you think you will get, and what kind of seed do you think you deserve? I am just happy to be in the tourney, so I do not really pay attention to the seedings.