Tourney Talk: CHD interviews Robert Morris SG Marcquise Reed

On Tuesday Robert Morris clinched an automatic bid with a 3-point win over St. Francis (NY) in the NEC tourney title game. The Colonials split the regular season series with the Terriers but won the third installment of the trilogy to secure the school’s first tourney berth since 2010. Earlier today Jon Teitel got to speak with Marcquise Reed about making the NCAA tourney as a freshman.

reed (Photo credit: Kyle Gorcey)

You grew up in Maryland: what made you choose the Colonials? I had a real good visit and they stuck around during the recruiting process after starting late. I wanted to go to a winning school and it has been a good fit for me.

After scoring more than 30 points per game as a high school  senior, you scored almost 15 PPG as a college freshman: how were you able to make such a smooth transition from HS to college? It was not easy: I did not think I would score as much as in high school, but I worked hard last summer and just tried to play my game.

You scored a combined 33 points in double-digit road losses to North Carolina and Georgetown back in November: what did you learn from playing those 2 tourney teams that you think can help you this week? It helps you get ready to play in March because it showed us what we need to work on.

You had a record of 13-14 in late-February: how was your team able to turn things around and win six games in a row to make the tourney? You want to be playing your best basketball at this time of year. We lost back-to-back games in February, took the chip off our shoulder, and then everyone started to work hard in practice.

You finished second in the conference this season with 1.9 steals per contest: what is the key to being a good defender? I have good anticipation skills so whenever I see the ball in the air I react and go get it.

Earlier this month you were named conference ROY: what did it mean to you receive such an outstanding honor? It was just a blessing to have such a successful year as a freshman.  I did not think I would be this good, but it showed that all my prior hard work paid off.

You scored 10 points on Tuesday in a win over St. Francis (NY): how were you able to win the title in your opponent’s gym, and what was the reaction like when you got back to campus? It takes some toughness to win the title against the number one seed in their gym, so my teammates stepped up to the plate while I was in foul trouble and they never stopped fighting even when we were down at halftime. We celebrated a little bit and a lot of people have congratulated us.

After missing each of the past two years with leg injuries, Rodney Pryor was named conference tourney MVP: how crucial has he been to your team’s success this year? He has been a remarkable spark for our team.  We needed him to come through for us and he really makes us dangerous and a harder team to guard when he is having a good game.

You play for Coach Andy Toole: what makes him such a good coach, and what is the most important thing you ever learned from him? He played D-1 himself so he has a lot of experience and is always watching film and studying our games. He teaches us to never give up and always keep fighting.

What kind of seed do you think you deserve, and what kind of seed do you think you will get? I think we will get a 16 seed and have a play-in game, but that is just another opportunity for us.